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Heist Throat (Independent 2015)

Called sometimes as VLLN-Mob but the real story comes as this band grown up n Salt Lake City, Utah bashing in through their recording of dark-possessions on screamo or emotional Metal-Core with high techniques players such as Trent Falcone (vocals), Justin Spencer and Jay Wilkinson and Matty Jones; Brad Butterfield (bass) and Gavin Hoffman (drums) expressing their loss of faith and the torturing feelings of post-Hardcore mistakes on Lady Madonna whose actually, once making sins as well.

This mini recording contains four songs available there must be the recognitions for those promises broken within the entirely, session off the band trying to make their way burnt out like the depressive cover artworks or non-blessing force awaken within carried by We Give Up to Graves might be a solution over questioning life slow progress and the loose of faith by fate.