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Heavy Backphat (Bandcamp 2017)

   Originally awesome and rocking in their occult-based or satanic-tinged range on distortions to the bashing tempos and perfect Doom/Psychedelic/Garage/Stoner and Metal in a vary moves that really contains addictive reactions for whom it may concerning to listen the musical sounds like this. Some Punk and more metallic blasters comes with the appearance of this Austin, Texas trio: Aimee Lane (guitars, vocals, tambourine, prayer bells), Blair Bovjerg (theremin) and Glenn Chambers (drums) on the band OnegoodLung form this releasing on Satan Seat album.

   Dressing-up like a nun from the depth of hell and offering those whom loved to have Doomy Punkish Rock for their rotten stereo experimented grungy grudge can pick these tracks of un-lifted mojo punchy garage sounds like Hole – the band falling hard on acid bowl through those “cranky spanky” trickster rock tehems via Buzz, Misantrophy, Pope, Stratosphere to Snakecharmer or Jesus is Coming. 

This is not a rehearsal – this is a motion of underground bashing type for Butthole Surfers fans today.

Satan Seat: