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Heaven’s Grace (Rocker Room 2009)

   A Japanese girl with a long dark hair would permanently, isn’t going to be a good sign for you staying too close to her but that’s not entirely true because by the reality facts along with the releasing of Art-School’s 14 Souls album which featuring Masafumi Todaka and Riki Kinoshita from Japan writing their English-based recording nowadays and this time – the girl in white didn’t really quite to be afraid of by one; the musical performance here is awesomely dance-able and groovy like you need to stop the beats to go on with your activity but you cannot do it !
   From the mixture of English/Japanese titles and lyrics there showing us that once again Japanese shared their cultural sounds with adopting the English/Western ways to go internationally known. Stay beautiful and Lost Control compromise by telling you to behave or else happening like a bad luck struck on your back while Tonight is The Night or Wish You Were Here really completed the English-version personality for the group. 
But locally, Art-School didn’t forgetting their heritage and left writing the Japanese lyrics for the J-Rock blending with Alternative Rock popularity on Don’t I Hold You, Catholic Boy or Killing Me Softly. 

Great techniques, arrangements and composing tracks per tracks sounding modern and interesting.

14 Souls: