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Hazmat Shoguns (Brick Records 2013)

Czarface is a Hip-Hop project forming by these trio from having the different background races and views but daily come together unties their ideas and lyrics and musical performance into one brotherhood by George Andrinopoulos, Jason hunter and Seamus Ryan or being well-known locally as Czarface as the crew also being known as their aliases like 7L, Esoteric or Inspectah Deck.
By this debut self-titled album releasing by them; Hip-Hop (then) has its marking purposes continues and widening out not only for the closed-door straight loyal members but more people who loves the Black Music cultures may likely, loving to listen and further more following to rhyming the songs with Czarface altogether as the flowing beats and lyrics talking non-elite but underground relationships between community and the Old-School classic scratching will making yourself to liking them more and for some good reasons; making the audience speechless. 
Looks like the front cover of latest Marvels works editions; the Gangsta-mixed urban neighborhood style of Rap truly makes those tracks like Savagely Attack, It’r Raw, Word War 4, Air ‘Em Out as well as Poisonous Thoughts sounding wiser than asking the audience to come out and pull the trigger anymore. 

With Czarface music play – all live matters !!!