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Hamrer Hippyer Othan (Not On Label 2017)

   Christopher Juul, Kai Uwe Faust and Maria Franz (originally a guest vocals before concluded as a full member) onto the trio of Black-Folk Rock or Medieval Northern Europe amplified over the anti-religious statements and pagan beliefs of the old ancient of healing in German as Heilung (the group) remarkable bringing their traditional folkish penetrations of sounds appreciating the heritage of the olden days and the past to be brought back now showing for the new generations to understand their own cultural existence here for the second album releasing via LIFA.
Neofolk experimental and Rung singing rang rituals commencing to be summon from deep below dark and gloomy of female voices bordering area towards the beyond believe and World culture musical performance among thus eerie chants and spells of a strange language as an Opening Ceremony starts it all; followed by those live recording ensemble made by the three musicians as Alfadhirhaiti, Carpathian, Krigsgarld or Hakkerskaldyr and Fylgija/Futhorck comes and go surrounding your complicated heads hearing these stranger tones and music hallucinating your thoughts as the old beliefs taking over the consciousness back to the primitive heathen ways of path of Dinamarka peninsula.