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Gorgonzilla Cuisine (Not On Label 2011)

Harmonic and talented to make themselves heard as the artistic orchestral machine towards the Halle(Saale) Germany’s Industrial Jazzy, Electronica to Death Metal as well as Folk-Metal to Progressive Thrash combinations making themselves re-known as Retarded Noise Squad as basically, standing up on their total Experimental metallic sounds with the band members: Kai aus Tube, Wer Zum Teufel ist Bob, Kjel-Dan Gramollsen, Don Karl Krawallo and Juliette de Sade established themselves for the releasing on the first effort to many live shows before this next steps of the monkey kingdom over Bananas (the record) truly, showing the instinct of our animal behavior like bunch of apes trying to conquering others over the favorite fruits.

Telepathic Trance as well as Die Geschichten vorn Suppenkaspar or Killed with Respect and Compassion and jumping crazily onto Taenia Solium or Morbus Mansfeld featuring the sexually female voices and grinding machinery musical in combinations like a weird combustion over the rotten dry-skinned bodies of men being burnt without any good explanations through years. 

Grab this album tighter and steady bang your heads like the insane monkeys troops by the sounds !