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Garb Sunday River (Western Vinyl 2007)

   Slow tunes favorite of the elder’s initiative insights over the problematic real world around them may flicking these quartet an idea to creatively, making the musical project in their soft-Pop tinged tones and harmony as for the foursome: Anthony Lambright, Justin Lucas, Michael Lambright and Walker David Teret in Madagascar wasn’t just taken from the exotic big island on the south-east coast of Africa where lemurs and baobab trees are the main assuring insurance for the united nation to helping to preserved them but also the magic taste spreading from it to the realm of the globe. The Electronic of Rock, Folk and World to Country music emerges within the Post-Rock artistic and haunting eerie melodies like ghost hums along the independent songs recorded for Goodbye East Goodbye West surviving the fittest of the band at all cause through When Last We Heard of Gentlemen, Imperium in Imperio, S’vivon to The Innocence of Facts, as the picturing trees on the front page leaving us the questioning of what the world will become without the lasts of those trees …

Goodbye East Goodbye West: