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Gadis Serigala (Suara Gunung Kelud 2009)

   Meet the newest of four young rockster and Rock N’ Roll lovers making their way of Glam-Rock back to the beating pulse on the scene music for Indonesia straight from Jakarta formed on the early of this new millennium consisting for Rezanov (vocals), Dion Arnaldo (guitars, vocals), Arief Tri Satya (bass, vocals) and Rashta (drums) just like the introductions for your first class rock formation being influenced by lots of Guns N’ Roses, nineties Hair Metal, Def Leppard, Van Halen and The Rolling Stones and perhaps, the themes as sleazy and arousing erupts as louder sex, drugs and Rock N’ Roll stylish sounds by them. High-pitched vocals cleaner, heavy solos and catchy riffs to thus sing along anthem lyrics in bahasa but even them who didn’t understand the meaning might also keep on singing with them because this rock music is universal. Master blaster tracks from the band – G.R.I.B.S (Gondrong Kribo Bersaudara) like Lawan (fight it), Pejuang (the fighter), Malam Frustrasi (night of the damned), Ketika (once upon a time) and many more proper songs will dragging you to head-banging and jumps from the stage or your couch – having a broken wrist or just cheesy laughing and tell it to the world that – here: the mighty Rock's NOT dead and never will (in the heart of the young).

The choice is only between keep on going - never give up or cari mati !

Gondrong Kribo Bersaudara: