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Fortschritt Antwort (Tubareckorz 2014)

Extra-ordinary and enigmatic and delusional grandeur by idiocy infantile foaming sounds of Progressive Rock and Chamber Broadway to Cabaret and Comedy like the other version of Berlin’s methodically, music of rock performance from Spinal Tap brothers as Electronic, Pop-Rock, Heavy Metal and a little bit of slight racism may occurs over the the seventh recording releases from “Germany’s most band in the world” – Knorkator within its members Chrish Chrash, Sebastian Baur, Tim Schallenberg to Kirk Thiele or Alf Ator and Stumpen where many tattoos, weird dresses to silly green figure might be collectively, trying to make the party rocking erupts more merrier and you would loving them or hating them on this one of We Want Mohr.
We got thus funky metallic of progressions through Zoo or Hymne while L is the track which at first sounded ballad but don’t let the group tricking you – the distorting heavier beats suddenly, explodes and there you head-banging hard before you singing the rest along. Same perhaps, with the fanatic fans of Faith No More whose finding the essential animated and stupidity in balance within the next tracks like Konrad, Ich Geb es Auf or Robert to Victorious as either there’s really a racism-tinged stains on the record or not; the audiences would be totally slammed by the band’s crazy melodic and artistic musical performance among odd to dumbness …

We Want Mohr: