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Florist The Queen (Klangbad 2009)

   Whether the sounds would be too “British” as these UK group that plays their invented Pub-Rock mixed with Polka-Pop to Indie Rock and more Rock N’ Roll disguising to a pop-agent troops; The Nightingales crew which consisting for Alan Apperley, Andreas Schmid, James Smith, Robert Lloyd and Violet Fliss might looking closer to the similar things to Garbage but the music sounded entirely, different. (The) Nightingales usually, playing their repertoire just like they’d wanted to play – sometimes arguments broke on stage but with Insult To Injuries (album); most listeners shall learning about the soft violence hiding behind the good looking handsome mess playing romance as their ultimate weapon to net-webbing girls. Don’t be stupid and bring something sharp or hard while the distracting noises comes in with I Am Grimaldi, Double Whammy Bar (bass by John Roberts), Little Lambs, Brownhills United’s Tattooed Southpaw and Watch Your Posture (bass by John Roberts).

When Iggy Pop meets calmer version of The Go Go’s on a worst cold winter season weather freezing the world from the south ...

Insult To Injury: