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Flatland Brute (Bandcamp 2012)

   You’ll love the way independent Grunge comes back to haunts the new millennium as like the distorted six strings, unique bass or free Jazz and those vocals whose singing loud like they’re just don’t care with an exhibition on the destruction of everything ordinary within the force of experimental experience reserved well and releasing via the recording from these San Antonio, Texas’ weird band: Feed. 
   Thigpen is the title of this album and not because of the colorfully odd artworks but the songs that wrote and recorded inside it really really awesome but non-commercial as they’re fit to any idealistic minds whom loved Rock Music out there. 
   Feel the depressions tried to reaching for the infinite and the screaming out voice of men – given up the loves for The Cure, Foo Fighters or the reality of romance back to earth in a fast fallen mode before crashing to land with the songs like Board of The Desert, Statesman, First Cats/Supermother/May I Felt in Peace, Ya’ll? as Thigpen recording session had bring their blending of Alternative Psy-fi-delia and Comedy Rock into a more serious matter.