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Fecaluria Ascariasis (Rising Nemesis 2017)

   Death Metal brutal and slamming might not having a real redeeming code at all – only when you loving it then you would realized that the invasion sounding may becoming hazardous to those whom affected, hated and disliking everything about this type of Extreme Heavy Metal killer music products just like many that already releasing stuffs or forcing the world of metal-heads to joining the destruction in the name of grinding, bashing and slamming of technical melodious and monstrosity events brought here onto your brainless skull and heartless souls to follow the commanding as being obey the instructions kept in the lyrics for thus torturing and mutilations or if it’s not yet – then, choosing sexual disfigurements active acts towards your victims might be great examples on forging the grinder sounds brought to us by Cerebral Incubation over Bofurcation of Promordial Slamateurs bursting the explosive extreme tales or the news flash about the beast on the loose as it destroying the intersections downtown, ripped the pedestrians and car drivers even police apart and eat some of their flesh; a giant monster on the run but didn’t afraid to kill anyone or breed some unfortunate females with its cement full of hairy king-kong like seeds stronger than just thus tracks of devastations for other occasional bloody events such as Hemorhoidal Rectocele, Ascariasis Evisceration, Force-Fed Smegma Spread to Suppurated Vaginal Drainage. Run away and avoid at any cause; the thing or the beast will showing no mercy to you but lust for the killing and consuming and of course, breeding – closer to the theme on Myiasis Insemination.