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Ethos Celebrity Drained (Solar Flare Records 2012)

   A collision between an interminable hauling trucks on an empty intersections in the middle of a highway connecting San Francisco to Portland in a harsh conditioning moment going to feel almost the same with you listening to the cracking distorted Grungy rock meets Stoner Metal in a drunk version where nothing seems to be important but the crazy music itself.
   Pigs which started as the side-project for drummer Jim Paradise, Andrew Schneider the bass player and vocalist to Dave Curran on guitars and vocals may correctly trying to exploding out their total influences from The Melvins, Mid-nineties Punk Rock metallic session sounds and Alternative Rock oddities by general re-occurs as the blatant version of Guns N’ Roses doing their Punk-side edgy music while drinking too damn much and Pigs successfully, releasing this debut album entitled You Ruin Everything which seemingly quite true as the background of why the horrific figures in clown-suits shall always be scares most of the adults like some whose standing there while the terror-riffs experimental sounds of Heavy Rock burst through Whitewash, Massive Operator Error, Outburst Calendar onto Scrum or Mashantucket – as the jokes of non-comedy violent might hits your forehead like a sharp knife. You have been killed ! 

You Ruin Everything: