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Epic Teeth (Self-Released 2017)

   Leicester, UK’s crew of Stoner Metal and Doomy Heavy Metal quartet comprising for Simon Shaw (vocals), Jon Scranney (guitars), Alex Gamble (drums) and Jags (bass) bring this recording release on The Serial Killer Suite; where Hard Rock collaborates within Prog-Metal and melodic grooves off the collection influence over Stoner Rock and Southern Metal ignitions. Opening the eyes of the soulless treachery commoners to seek the dimension of truth over the layers of other dimensions where the truth used to be hidden back behind or bend as thus colorful images or places aren’t supposed to be looking alike the first place as your eyes might deceiving yourself as like Temple Of Lies told you now.
In twelve songs written and composed by the band within thus rocking roots and harder edgy riffs and of course, the high techniques available onto the metaphysical turmoil temptations or harsh reality themes via Illusion of Choice, Modus Operandi, I Cut You Bleed, Symbiotic Parasite, Nihilist Dreams to Broken Mind. 

As Temple Of Lies telling you to opening your ears as your head bangs following the music sounds; keep your conscious sober for the lies comes the deception within ...

The Serial Killer Suite: