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Elden St. (3024 Label 2009)

   Dutch DJ and producer named Martijn Deykers or Martyn’s Dubstep/Electronic-house/Techno of Washington DC state products of the new millennial track-listed recording for Great Lengths showing those underground resistance to blade runner of David Sylvian or Metalheadz disco-beats as Martyn himself standing behind the curtains as a shadowy figure by arranging thus non-public sounds develop towards more than or exact – fifteen musical tracks within noises blending to samples formatted over Seventy Four, Little Things, Right?Star!, These Words (ft. dBridge) or In This Insanity?
   All the way surrounding by standard elements of electro-dynamic beats for Natural Selection and Brilliant Orange. Let the finest experimental tracks and titles like KRDL-T-GRV and Vancouver lead your favorable listening times for external extra-ordinary but regular thoughts control fined well just by having the record ordeals on it.

Great Lengths: