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Efkarli Yarpak (Glitterbeat 2017)

Alternative Reggae plus Rock of Istanbul local as variety wider influences comes from most every corner of your well-known shifts but then again, the local musical band with their creative Psychedelic unique sounds might be one of your interests while visiting the country. 
Live instruments of modern music and good techniques which leaves only the lyrics and tempo for the heritage from the Ottoman’s Sultanate sounds mixed well over the Baba Zula group co-working as featured the members like Murat Ertel (electric saz, electronic, vocals), Levent Akman (electronic sounds, wooden spoons), Ozgur Cakirlar (percussions), Melike Sahin (vocals, backijg vocals), Periklis Tsoukalas (electric oud), Bahar Sarah (dancer), Nourah (dancer) with several other members playing goblet drums as one package. XX really didn’t reflecting how the Turks should usually behave there for the moment of sexy girl’s in front cover but now the country should be enough preparing for such things like this. 
From Erotika Hop, Gerekli Seyler (Essential Things), Ozgur Ruh (Free Spirits), Biz Size Asik Olduk (We Fell In Love with You TV version), Carino to Cecom. Seksek (Hopscotch) and Bir Sana Bir De Bana (One For You and One For Me) seems to be told the situations that Turkish or at least, some of them – loved to have the Neo-mantic lyrics or stories to tell made by themselves just like this album of XX plus the bonus CD and those breasts !