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Earthfoger (Not On Label 2015)

   In order to having their land back after the recaptures by thus evil manifestations nation around them; the warriors of Dethlehem must keep on fighting the battles they’ve used to win again and again the credit goes to the band of these Heavy Metal speeding crew making great epic music to listening to as the high techniques are also requiring and fly high as the freedom reaches the depth of the sky in screaming and blood and of course, tears from the defenders and as yet, the saviour as been credited as Brutalitus The Bloodbeard for all lyrics or the entire crew of Dethlehem: Grimshaw Longfellow, Overlord Brom, Bovice, Hildor and Brutalitus himself raising their swords and army of the band of brothers within the mixing of Melodic Death Metal, and Progressive Maiden-like to RPG gaming atmosphere due to the next conquest on the releasing album of Destroyers Of The Realm. The verified heavy Metal campaign which needing our supports to make it possibly success and eleven tracks available there would be the changes for everything that must go on or remain staying as eternity of divine heaven shining on the blessing of victory from Pittsburg, PA or the demonic possession army shall once again reign the land of the holy as being told loudly, convincing via Oathbound, Shadow Remnants of The Guardian Shield, Final Voyage of The Gobblinaught to Mystic Island. Facing the Dark Tower; either to raiding it or worshiping it ...

Destroyers Of The Realm: