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Earache Eye (Going Postal 2009)

Will definitely – slamming your face to the fucking wall of spikes and burn down your damn house down since you decided to have them playing their record on your freaking stereo; this brutal Death Metal/Grind-Core Canadian two-piece man-forming group for Cuff are Zach Smith (all music + samples) and Bob Shaw (vocals + samples)contaminating the neighborhood with their non-pleasing but killing after raping kinds of stuff related to what they’ve writing here for the honest lyrics in an extreme show of horrific display as Covered In Resin truly a masterpiece of how you seeing a dying whore’s crotch being paid for what she did for fun turning to horror on the back of a car.

Meet the destroyer themes as Buzzkill, Pump Action Pimpz, The Grinding Mary Jane and Legions of Fatties brought thus Revenge of The Tards and Briandead Munchie Spree lasted to .9 while she got paid already as you might don’t get it until you realized that it’s you who actually, torturing, raping and mutilating the hooker on the back of your car – crime scene investigated. 

No worries cause Death Metal already cleansing everything for you so you can continue … Finding more victims around Oshawa.

Covered In Resin: