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Dying 05:19 (Not On Label 2012)

Matthieu Legros must be born again within this obsessions to be the sounds that comes by the rainy water in medium force – hits the window glass by the mid-winter of thus lonely night as solo project. GrimLake recording album entitled Twin Sun might probably, the definite conspiracy message hidden from the authority to tells us about either the discovering of new planets far away for the colony to rushy going there to migrates because of the endangered times for not the simply catchy sounds or music but the threat from deep space towards earth very soon or later.
The soothing experimented musical made well and beautifully, instrumentals like the Post-Rock soundtracks for an alternative to the standard music boredom.from Paris – France comes the black and white artworks for the space-traveler to choose their paths on Playground Hope, Expected Thoughts or even When It Rains that leaves the same question as like the first time our eyes seeing those twin stars on the horizon – predicting the forever changing in the nearby cosmic and the weather ever since.

Twin Sun: