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Dua Alam (Target Pro/Musitama 1997)

   Consisting for about the last decades ago since the nineties era – Fransiskus Xaverius Adam Joswara a/k/a Vladvamp and Lusic Mersiana or Deluciva with the previous drummer Iman gone but not forgotten while the duo continues the experiences of making Gothic-Dicso and Synth-Pop mixture onward Indie Rock and Dark-Wave as Adam the guitarist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and musical programming led the greater ideas on song-writings and themes pick-up while Deluvica singing, play bass guitar and kept the intuitions and instinct of a woman driving the group called Kubik within this first self-titled album. Bandung’s one of the seminal bands from the beginning of how Indonesia got its Alternative party compilations and spawning continuity over the singles of M.A.T.E.L (Mungkin Aku Tiba Esok Lusa) and the rest of Kubik album tracks – softened, Indie-Pop, distorted but safer, depressive but trying to clearance the foggy out above your heads and the first wave for female fronted group out of Nusantara at that time.
   Telling the daily plot on travelling or going home or perhaps, a near-death conditions before someone saying goodbye to their beloved ones just a hint for these local lyrics and semi-standard Pop-Rock music within Vanished, Angin, A Year Later and Kabut Merah sounded catchy, medium in tempos and by the grace of talents – shall giving you an interesting feeling for repeating the album again ...