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Drown Conditioned (Southern Lord 2013)

   In Manifest Decimation recording shows the real reasons of why human’s brain truly causing much more devastation rather than the idealistic themselves being created because it is developed to the measurement of being greater or worse as the Thrash Metal infestations all over the semi-standard fast tempos and melodic slicers combinations meet the brutality themes and scientific head-banger music on one singular tension placed there on Power Trip (Dallas, Texas) off bassist Chris, drummer Marcus, vocalist Riley Gale and guitarist Blake “Rossover” Ibanez and Nicky “Thrasher” Stewart performance that bares nothing less and more but destructive – almost efficient suffering news bringer of the develops of the dead comes crumbling towards the artworks and the tracks: Heretics Fork, Murderers Row, Crossbreaker or Hammer Of Doubt.

Screaming vocals, hesitate drumming of hatred and riff-age force ordering calamity on mankind by poisoning the youth souls with darker future in uncertainty !

Manifest Decimation: