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Dr. Mabuse Duel (ZTT 1985)


   With the first line-up members consisted of Michael Martins, Suzanne Freytag, Claudia Brucken, Ralf Dorper (former keyboardist of Die Krupps) and Andreas Thein; under the name of Propaganda – the Dusseldorf Electronic Synth-Pop comes alive and recording their first album which also their semi-legendary works so far A Secret Wish.
   Divided into With and Without; this dominated keyboards and the mixture of pure Pop with cerebral fusion of noises experiment through the imaginative and hallucinating main ideas of theme like adventures across time and space in-between modern technology and the past old memories – all attached within the intense beats or mesmerizing progressive melodies that you might hear them over The Murder of Love, Jewel, P-Machinery and Sorry for Laughing. 

Just like The Chase for something anonymous and invisible but existing solid in connections with your senses.

A Secret Wish: