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Dog Aspirin (Bandcamp 2013)


   Garage Grungy of the Heartland with renewed in a deep dynamic rhythmic and aggressive shades of Blues with the vocal elements that reminds you of Soul Asylum and looks like layered top-contemplative solicitous from variety of different influences from Garage Rock to Classic Jazz on more distorted – a reminiscent with the great rocking performance for the heritage blending over Alternative Rock, Stoner Rock and Blues Rock with thus Indie Rock taste.
The Decatur, IL’s Good Safari is Jake Pearson (vocals, guitar), Ryan Martini (vocals, bass) and Jeffrey Bensmiller (drums) as a trio whom releasing Hunter – the album and far from an ordinary predictable through-listen of softer touch era for your favorable example of Rock Music supposed to hear again. 

Same Dream, Complex, Cynical Optimism, Reconfigure and Speed Show should be your excellent choices collection.