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Desperate Am (Not On Label 2017)

   Prog-Rock soloist and guitar virtuoso mastering as well as the multi-instrumental musicians and song-writer and many more to compared to some of your heroes out there – this proud Progressive rockers from Kuwait as he working with vocalist Omar Afuni to song-writer Alecsandra Ale to guitar solo from Ramzi Ramman to friends like Ziad Ramman and families as the brands that endorseing him to clearly, being heard louder – Fender, Sterling, Yamaha to Shure and Ernie Ball etc truly supporting him – our man: Bader Nana a greater appearance to make his sounds and technical power being conquest or heard and then – loved by thus whom liking to get as mad as the cuckoo birds on LSD that’s happening once you brave enough to play this works on Devolver.
Good vocals but even better far fucking amazing would be Bader Nana’s six-strings electric-shocks towards your ears. Led the way for Mercenaries, Victorious, Without a Backward Glance, Full Circle and Dust Within Me; blistering in semi-radiant medium standard rock sessions with the anomaly mesmerizing feelings captured by the effects and distance calls to all the pilgrims – it’s time to come home ...