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Departure Weight (Forward Fast 2016)

As entirely, written and performed by none other than Mr. William Daymond himself with the help from Warwick Donald or Nick White and even contributions from his friends such as Catherine Henehan (flute) Tom Watson (mellotron) as many Dreamy Pop Inde and Psychedelic Alternative sounds captured gladly, over this semi-acoustic/live music requirements through the songs recorded on The Winebox Inquiry Sets Sail! release here as the departed themes of awesomeness might be listening over the fourteen tracks harmonic melodies as being timeless to be listenable hearings via Sleeping In The Summer, If The Feeling is Good (Then Hold On Tight), Pandora’s Boxing Ring, Lighter Thief!, It’s So Simple That It Hurts, Friend of A Friend and No Questions Asked onto I Feel Like I’m Forgetting Something may reasonably, engineered the bypass of the recording onto an assistance of more brighter and brilliant aspects commonly – taken off the past reminder over the seventies era and aforementioned locating to everywhere as far and nearer as the first point of where the project came from – Wellington, New Zealand as the giant ship slowly, leaving the port to crossing the ocean of the certainty.

The Winebox Inquiry Sets Sail: