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Delta Pavonis (Independent 2017)

   Originality of one language is the virtual guitars whom marrying himself as solo-artist and singer project encourage the themed taken from an ancient symbol off the yazidis in northern Iraq, Iran and Syria territory of Levant as the chosen - Melek Taus or The Peacock Angel as the fact is one of the most powerful being ever created by god but refused to serve Adam the first man because the deity figure beliefs that he is holier than man ans well as there’s no more hell after the god bird like crying for almost decades before releasing back to the cosmic from the eternal sea of fire prison and the blazing flames died.
   Coming in eleven minutes top and ten seconds performance for the opener compositions; Michael Garfield recaptures almost all the ancient and historic aspects to be made as inspirations as the gorgeous painting fronted the album cover as well there – you will meet the next tracks (within effects) like St. George, Argos, Kartikeya or Al-Khadir in various duration coming virtually instrumental/chanting and independent within the technique of solid and high quality performing by the man himself. 
   As Electronic combines with percussive heavy-pedals and guitar psych rooting western or cosmic Americana and acoustic ability produced by Michael Garfield off this Pavo: Music For Mystery recording constellation of musical tunes variable message; one can only telling themselves that the magic occult served beings are truly Austin, Texas divine to catch bypassing the spaces and stars to offers peace of mind.

Pavo: Music For Mystery: