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Deception Of Art (Not On Label 2009)

   Too much symbols being drawn and put upon the improvement addressing record release by these D.F Mexico band of Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal named Anima Tempo which giving you their internationally experimenting straight album and high-techniques through Caged In Memories. Produced by Dante Granados and Erik Mikalsen for the performance from the five-piece local rockers: Gian Granados (vocals/guitars), Dante Granados (lead guitars/synth), Daniel Gonzalez (growls/guitar), Pavel Vanegas (bass) and Antonio Guerrero (drums) as they’re combining the essential melodic of progressive sounds and Death Metal onto what the band's meant to be for Caged In Memories.
If you one of those whom already fanatic fans of James LaBrie and co. then this band would receiving your fully attention as well as those seven tracks of adventuring noise of metallic rock and sounds of progressions like Confessions, Scarlet Angel, Behind The Gates of A New-Come to Cellophane Eyes under the moonlight glows dimmed and the mystical creatures shown up nearby but the gate is locked for one to crossing to meet their love ones is impossible at a time …

Caged In Memories: