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Death Express America (Soulspazm Records 2011)

By the exclusively, one man project turns everything simply, abstractive but beatable and modern for dancing or just plainly – moving the lazy bodies to the dance floor or just making one thirsty, by looking those gorgeous women sitting along or with friends or just (then) came along a black widow towards your presence.

As Heavy Starch releasing its Electronic Lo-Fi, Rn’B session on Soul-fully attractions; whilst Psychedelic Alternative Hip-Hop and Modern Rap sounds combining the roughest brilliant ideas by the Charlotte, North Carolina musician/artists/writer and composer of Johnny McKiever to joining this collaborations in between via these twenty-three track on the list of the album.      

Downtempo/TripHop and mutual equality Hip-Hop by nature and soulful coated like those sweet coffee candies within romance, daily lives, public experiences, social values, radical thoughts to racial prejudice and more oldie vintage sounds made to music here for French Press, Red Giant, Lonely Tribulations, Inhale, One Nine Seven Three, The Crossing, Dissonance onto Dust & Ivory to Jet Lag probably, won’t hesitate to thrown out as an ammunition burning deeper as the conspiracy reveals the false information so more people involved could be killed.

Heavy Starch: