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Deadsex Savior (Not On Label 2017)

The glamour-tinged and horror-fanatic fans order of Industrial Metal quartet of Montreal, Quebec known to you as Holy Decay (vocals), Riff (guitars, backing vocals, programming), Carl Puzzle (bass, backing vocals) and Dany Burton (drums, backing vocals, programming) baptizing their communion of harder rocking edgy Nu Heavy Metal modern under the sure-naming of Graveyard Strippers as blasting their common standard screaming howls and mighty riff-age onto the systematic beats combination through the acidic permanent effects on your filthy skins – turning the ugly ones onto horrible corpse of the dead walks ready to have a revenge on living beauties and healthy alive persons whom mistakenly, enters the lair of malfunctioned basement lab-area where the horrific creature dwell and wait.
Experimenting sounds or the simplified Marilyn Manson like of the early years rebellious metallic noises may causing disturbance to older people and children but the adults – especially, those naughty pleasure-seekers and hedonist value committed minds shall finding this album – Crawling; one of the greatest Glam-Metal sessions for the creeping creeps and psychotic thought-serum energy to head-bang or doing something forbidden to someone else girlfriends, stupid parents, kids and pets. Freak Show (feat. Natasha Nebula), Apocalypse Now, Broken, Filth and Krash This Up relentlessly won’t get more wrong that these and the damned demanding for kidnapping more victims to share them with madness off the make-up psychotic members of the band.