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Dark The In (Astro Nautico 2017)

   Bipolar snatching the father’s life comprises the capturing mark of not only being the label owner but the creativity grows stronger for NYC’s Billa Bronx project out of Bennett Kuhn’s mind and past memory as he also being diagnoses for responsive symptoms of disorder but before stepping into silence dark; this man kept himself being stronger and brought to your world this possible heritage of sounding noises music of the mixture over emotions, loopers software effects, electro-expressions and devices onto neurological break-beat pedals influenced by appropriations course of Jamaica and The West Indies migrant’s music originally with modern transformations and courage honoring the father figure through Jungle-beats/Lo-Fi e.p album:  Father Forgive with The Way of The Mask in four minutes fifty-six seconds to Body Politics as well as the promises to everyone to encouraging others over You Are Never Alone.

Traditionally, tremendous – modern.

Father Forgive: