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Curupira Fabric (Self-Released 2013)

Alternative and Anti-Folk with the freaky-tinged sounds to bare-footed play your own stereo pleasured is the aim from these duo off Rochester, NY or Arcata, CA none other than the duo members Seth Faergolzia and John Ludington pushing their originality and virtual imaginative themes provided for the participations on protecting the woods and environment surroundings them through the musical of Pop-based Folkish freaks on this self-titled album from Forest Creature.

Must be a long standing of a mutual togetherness and relations over a combining of a collaborates in making calmer music and writing songs which might sounded extraordinary to listening by the audiences whom love and also considered to protecting the natural of our beloved mother planet as the silly and wiser thoughts shares via Murky Waters, Habits Dissipate, Geezer to Ivy Rice and Moss and even Scaredy or Lah Lee. 

Seems to be sounded odd, strange or eventually, just damn simple and non-commercial to you ? 

Stop littering and destroying nature – starts to giving in blanket and socks to the animals.

Forest Creature: