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Constraint Raped (Permeated Records 2015)

   Cyrill Jucker to Gabriel Friedli to Yannick Mosiman are the Switzerland’s underground unit of Brutal Death Metal in thus faster, slasher, basher and annihilator type of erupting sounds of low-guttural and gutted pressures you might don’t want to lose a chance to hear anything off them. Female Nose Breaker would be a bunch of men hating female creature so much – all that they’re wanted to do when meet them or grabbing them violently, is to torturing and kill them really painfully slow.
Fucking believe that when you seeing yourself as the fact on that displaying clearly and fully of blood in disgust torturing portrait on the front cover of the band’s compilation album called Catalogue Of Cruelty. 
The track-lists filled within thus hatred, wrath and loaded lust for murder anthem songs written and composed to later did permanently, kills the victims in many ways possible – even those not been written by the manual book of mutilating people. 
Female beware of this and the tracks like Drig Initiated Outburst, Sledgehammer to Obedience, Omnipotent Sickfuck, Gun-Cock Cumshot and Knuckleduster Fistfucked as well as Womanizer – definitely, alerting you girls to avoid the group of fanatic fans and the musicians of this kinds of Extreme Death Metal and Grindcore followers if you still wanted to see the next day.

Catalogue Of Cruelty: