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Constants Regression (Burning Tone Records 2016)

A swelling parts of the advance techniques for Melodic-laced devastating chords over their Post-Hardcore and Melodic Metal Progressive advantages brought to the surface by them band members: Joshua Haller (skin tickler), Gavin Marcbank (guitfiddler), Bruce Cunningham (low tones) and Daniel Klopper (guitfiddler) from Cape Town – South Africa forming their own project band as the progressions come first and for all dwelling as a majority power force for the group naming themselves – Betray The Emissary as the Metal-Core, Melodic Hardcore and Post-Metal extremity seems to be a good reasonable play on the performing the blasts track-listed materials out of the releasing of The Fragility of Circumstance. As science and folklore and daily issues becoming one on this batter bowel metallic crushing standard tempos and beats available; Lighthouses, The Mires, Barries and Of Love  & Lost or Revealer must be those kinds of track-themed brutality that shall affecting the bigger audiences seeking their demands for more and more great techniques and melodies display over one record – surely, needs more attentions from the metal music media worldwide.

The Fragility of Circumstance: