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Clockwork Life (Independent 2012)

Were you going to call them – the modern Judeo-Christian Metallic core or Transylvanian acid movement of Progressive Rock venue or modern day rocking crew with groovy stuff to share ?
The Byzantine Empire is a band whose consisting of the trio of Jake Griffith, Brett Nicholas and Arya Amirhekmat of Merz, Austria or they’re someone else mistakenly, pops out to your front yard collection lists by accident. 
As the three headed rain-deer with glasses commencing the e.p album of I Think I’m Going Stag; means that you will definitely having the show of techniques and further high level music performance from the band themselves openly, massive through the small amounts of materials recording here like And That Brings Up The Question of Whether Its Worth It To Remember (Or Not …_) for over five minutes and forty seven seconds or DMF tracker on five minutes and twenty seven seconds as well as thus two parts of the ending sessions progressively, passionate to listening to if you like Incubus in a fanatic feeling kinds of way !

I Think I'm Going Stag: