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Cleopatra Talking (Chapter Music 2002)

Experimental minimalist explorations from the Australian duo guitarist Robert Goodge and David Chesworth the wurlitzer electric pianist with their favorite accompany of drumming machine making this Post-Punk experiences of Electro-Rock and Funk Music sounded weirdly unique as the duo turned to foursome with the additions of saxophonist Ian Cox and drummer Paul Fletcher even the real thing facts in reforming version of them only adding one Evil Graham Lee the pedal steel player as trio and the compilation called Sonic Investigations of The Trivial from Essendon Airport would be a good fine collections for those whom liking New Wave/Experimental Pop and Minimal sounds much as these Melbourne folks also did.
The upside-down froggy drawing or the shapes and figures background the tones of fair experimental in oddness continued through the listening program via Wallpaper Music, Three Against Four, How Long Can You Go…? Onto Do The Flowerpot, Seven as well as Air Wing might delighted to carries thus imaginations for the thirsts of minimum softer journey by sounds and harmonies made pretty well in calm peace pieces here as you being Lost In Madagascar (featuring Anne Cessna) through the middle of it.

Sonic Investigations of the Trivial: