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City World (Self-Released 2017)

   Anything For You the opener for Zula’s related album might sparkling some evidence which being carried by the new-magnetic of Modern Pop New York commerce of chamber with Gloomy Goth-Pop meets dried out Rn’B and Rock doing threesome on Disco over a night and the results are Henry Terepka (vocals, guitars, synths), Nate Terepka (vocals, guitars, synth), Pablo Eluchans (drums), Noga Shefi (bass), Hannah Epperson (violin) and Arnan Raz (saxophone)collaborating with the effort being known by us all in 6 Passes (the album) as Zula providing the groovy beats and detailed musical noises provided. From Anything For You, Unmistakable, Try It and All Except – talking about the diligent and not being lesser lazy while doing your works as the independent rockers doing their job and finally, finding the hidden number … six !

6 Passes: