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Choose Burning Morning (Modern Sky 2012)

   You don’t understand Chinese language ? No worries cause thankfully, nowadays the youth there especially – thus musicians independently, trying hard to learn and writing their songs or music in English literature as well as their mother tongue speaking/alphabets. Meet the regular but irregular unit off Beijing’s Indie Noise-Pop scene : Hedgehog comprising on the trio of mixed gender energetic youngsters from guitarist/vocalist Zo to Fun the bass player and drummer Atom interesting the same things such as beers and playing rock music (the Indie Pop way) and there you have them – releasing this record which sounded good and Asiatic means unique but didn’t go too cheesy but distorted in modernism as Sun Fun Gun teasing people to think about the ruling party of the central communist organized in red backdrop and a kid holding a toy AK rifle must be a funny thing to discuss here but the tracks per tracks aren’t too complicated to digest after all. 
   With the translations for the Chinese writings there are international titles for everything from the opener Heart on Fire, Dear Boy I Wanna Be Your Girl Friend as well as the groovy goodie song number three – Surf with Shark or Black Kiss coming next to it as one knows now that Beijing also breeds more and more great opportunity for local bands to creatively, making good stuff to be exported outside !

Sun Fun Gun: