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Choker Rat Super (FatCat Records 2014)

Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale on guitars/vocals and Shona McVicar behind the drum-kit from Glasgow forming their duet formation of a group as playing the influential Indie-Rock and Shoegaze sounds so catchy and fully softening in distortion walls benefits while shows their talents to you for writing, composing and arranging their own stuff themselves for the debut recording release on this self-titled album: Honeyblood.
Courageous and alternatively, empowered through the mixing of Garage and Punk-Pop seasoning as the melodic harmonies of both musical and vocals summoning us to liking them more as a duo there. The atmosphere of both lake area, small conniver woods to the highlands mist with wetlands and hills of the green moss perhaps, carried out within the tracks listed there for you to listening as an audience over the stereo. Killer Bangs, Biro, No Spare Key, Fortune Cookie, All Dragged Up to Fall Forever and Braid Burn Valley could be the infamous modern mixture between new generations and old ancient Scottish way of folklore being evolved onto something good for the fittest of the future in Indie-Pop music !