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Cheeba Swiftkick (Goodnight Records 2014)

   A cool mixture of Alternative Indie Pop-Rock like the combinations between Animal Collective-based music playing by The Beach Boys this new millennium hours now; pulling an influential purposes to make people insane in a great fun way as their music sounding the alarm for a commercial goodies one. Sun Club must be your newer rookie who creates the flirting arrays of Pop magic rocking within thus energetic noises and melodies and singing their lungs out for the British accents pride. Psychedelic, New Wave, Pop-Rock and Punkish Folk contemplates in this compilation off the mini recording released through - Dad Claps At The Mom Prom really didn’t make sense to be traced but then soon after that one realized that the saving formations on environments and mother nature along with your love completely showing on the front cover recording as the songs of Repulsive On Chocolate, Beauty Meat and Spring Diamond – releasing the positive ideas and great smelling scents to the every single young teens on your block.

New or oldie as the anthem tunes radiates echoed higher – anyone having rights to be happy for making music and encourage.

Dad Claps At The Mom Prom: