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Cenotaph Nonagon (Self-Released 2016)

   For the loving fuck-sake of those heavy distortions and riffs and the double-pedals drumming bash on Deftones, Animals As Leaders to Messughah there’s a new answer for it to you – the real head-banging metal-fanatics from Car Bomb to the world. The quartet needs to paid attentions on are Elliot Hoffman, Greg Kubacki, Jon Modell and Michael Dafferner rehearsing under the butcher shop on Rockville Center – NY as the jamming sessions meets the interest and there you have it via this saturated Math-Rock metallic boosts after two releasing albums then the next third one entitled Meta; come crushing harder than your previous Hardcore/Metal Thrash and Death-Rock recording collections clearly, disturbing.
   As the abstract artworks to the kick-banging screamo-growler vocals and fucking guitars chords nearly anthemic to shaking the entire neighborhood down to these Secrets Within, Gratitude, Constant Sleep, Black Blood, The Oppressor onto Infinite Sun as well as From The Dust of This Planet – colliding the very best heavier metallic sounds to your pleasure hailing in contributes for the last day of humanity breath …