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Cecil Fazon (Bella Union 2013)

   Being a musician as you’re coming from Laurel Canyon, California might be a difficult one to turning on your greatness to fame but again with efforts and good hard work plus unique style; man like Jonathan Wilson manage to produced, singing and writing his own productive materials on music even then he needs to residing or relocates to another place but never forgetting about his place of birth as well – Forest City North Carolina.
   Blooming the psychedelic Indie-Pop as Folk Rock and Worldwide sounds blended into this newest recording by the release for Fanfare; a good old influenced of everything vintage and sophomore are here to listen. From Future Vision, Dear Friend, Her Hair is Growing Long or Illumination and Desert Trip and New Mexico seems to dropping your imaginations almost rounding-up not sticking on just one place but many; as the music sounding non-mainstream progressive and far from the trendy cheesy thingy except the wisdom battered in as the front cover displaying the lost contact between us down here and the heavenly above, of course in such anonymous and a little bit slower parts off Led Zeppelin’s bluesy rock explorations meets the seventies originality.