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Carbon Narco Is… (Inner Strength Records 2004)

   New York City sub-culture of Hardcore heaviest bands like these quartet of Gary Muttley, Glen Lorieo, Malone Ranalli and Martin Gonzalez from Billy Club Sandwich aren’t your good boys of the neighborhood playing good old pop tunes. The anger and hatred being attached to make a small typhoon storming bash-music for your mosh-pit’s slam-dance victimized the society for making the credits to the normal living lives not actually, possible or simple as they’re used to be. Punching the thrown blasts and nu-school brutal tempos to the old-skool ones available within the first debut album on released by them; Chin Music – as one should know where’s the targeting hooks or uppercut really aim at to the so-called enemies.
Advisory in their music and lyrics from the last track Infidel, Phil Vibes Sweatin’, Loads, Slip Shots, Bronx Zoo, Preacher’s Daughter… The Pimp’s Wife to Veterans Day and Tecato must be taken for granted that the group really just making the reality examples to you and no dishonest un-experienced stuff about themes that they’re did wanted to sharing to the fanatic bleeding audiences.

Chin Music: