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Capella Pardo (Dorog Records 2010)

   Confirmed as the duo of men making Electronic music comprising on Alonso Lupune and Sebastien Lupune brothers or not – who will really cares right ? The musical experiences in these progressions of international sounds and noise samples experiments for Da Lupune through their debut album towards LP 3000 might sounding a little bit silly, funny and also synthesizing comparable to none closely. The emerging force from Peru’s electronic scene of music genre may consisting to forward beating their lubricant soften beats for sensual causes or another intimate activities variably welcomes onto the clubbing night under the dim lights – where kisses can easily turning to cuddles and not long after that the lusty human checking-in and having hot sex before decided to not having a premature baby since the sin acts happening several times non-regretfully kind and nice to repeat. Latino lyrics and sounds really fits the non-pressure of all on AA, Metamorphose, POV and Liquid (A-Wa) wandering by the beats and echoes central calming the worries while the essential boosts of filtering dance-able Disco techniques available here with or without an opening kiss …

LP 3000: