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Caged Time (Independent 2017)

Open them all because you might wearing them but later everyone will knows and you need to opening thus Masks out of yourself as the Folk-Indie Pop from Indianapolis group The McDonalds really really done it through their special simple efforts over these ten tracks written by themselves; Scott and Brittany McDonalds arrived within their popular Country-tinged heritage and some audience will feel just like they’re arrived already at home as the smooth acoustic musical surroundings them. Not a white-trash pedigree sounds but more to artistic Epic Country-Folk Pop that would echoes farther and far within thus melodies made here via the record as a reflection of life itself being told by the group duo. Listening carefully to Radio, If I Fall, Zinn, It’s OK and Late Night when a calm music can have the force like Tidal Waves or Eclipse that releasing a change that most people looking for in their lives.
The McDonalds attempting to do their best while making it sounded as good as it gets, you won’t arguing more because you already love the reasons by listening to this.