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Butterflies Butcher (Amputated Vein 2015)

Slits the neck of a woman must be a lowlife act to do according to the modern world laws that now seeing an equality among genders as an importing to achieved by both sides but that doesn’t appears to going on happening towards the ex-communist nations of the Eastern part of Europe; specifically – Hlohovec, Slovakia where there formed a Death Metal band from a Death Metal scene acute enough to continuing on torturing women, lost tourist or like the fictional reality snuff movie Hostel; kidnapping them, torturing or mutilates them. Craniotomy consisting of Daniel Hanak, Lukas Siska, Rastislav Vary and Roman Halmo not surprisingly tearing down your views of respecting woman – beautiful and ugly ones by showing the world how to slashing the evil temptations caused by them towards the realm. Killing is just a business and Death Metal gore won’t really get anymore surprising that this one – Overgorged Flesh Flies Dying Slowly releasing its track-lists full of horror that terrorizing the dead souls even after the slaying done by minutes or days … Residues of Decapitated Intestines Falls out of Plate, Delicacy of Bone Marrow and Desolation Skin, Pleasure of Pain Molesting and Torutre to be Continued … until Cut a Piece for Your Hunger Reloaded may failed to show details of the murderous scene – only violent in gore attachments.