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Breakout Vandals (Walt Disney Records 2012)


   As the dreams of being an ultimate game character turns out empty after boredom attacks; Wreck-It Ralph leaving his opponent – the good guy Fix-It Felix Jr. As the neighbourhood inside the game missing Ralph the big silly guy closing the show to moving out using the magical glitch and cable to another game – Hero’s Duty where he made a very big mistake not only receiving the medal but hatching the hungry invader Cy-Bug’s eggs as then, launching away escaping via the space pod to Sugar Ruch gaming spot meeting the cute and naughty little girl Vanellope Von Schweetz while the search for Ralph is on by Felix and the blond hot and moody Sergeant Calhoun.
   As the racing annual held again by the King Candy with Vanellope joining in after the sign-up using Ralph’s medal the entire candy, cookies, sweet stationary people of Candy Rush cheering their champions to win the rally which one can easily feel smiley to have the good scenery story and the soundtrack background off the 3-D animation movie Wreck-It Ralph Original Score composed by Henry Jackman and some various artists contributing their tracks on the record such as Owl City, Kool & The Gang, Skrillex to Rihanna forming the great Pop sensations for the opening themed soundtrack as Celebration, AKB48’s Sugar Rush, Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix) or Shut Up and Dance glaring high and hard – making the race of a rushy timing through those colorful sweetie landscape and everything you might dreaming of for candies and snacky cookies as the instrumental stage and screen scoring tracks like Rocket Fiasco, Royal Raceway, Jumping Ship, Laffy Taffies and Broken-Karted displaying there during the show of race with the little bit tricky and mischievous acts did by the racers to their rivals right before the Cy-Bug invasion occurs and ruining all. 
   Luckily, with the co-working and smart moves planned by Ralph, Vanellope, Calhoun and Felix together; the disguising wicked King Candy or Turbo the game character that creates the glitch can stopping the invading bugs fro taking over and consumed the games on the entire Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade.