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Bluebonnet Jubilee (Independent 2016)

   Houston – TX Pop-Rock independent crew by drawing their psychedelia and New Wave allusions of the mid-eighties values and LA’s eclectic Punk-Pop in a non-arguable performance as a quartet: Stephen Wells, Travis Peck, Valeria Pinchuk and Nate Dietrich as being known as Birthday Club making their sophomore recording record over the blending on Post-Vaporwave/Psych-Pop and Power-Punk under the Indie Rock genre while chosen; freeing this Lighten Up EP sounds only as an empty party with weird balloon available but the entire music in open volume might sounded delighting to your ears.

Having Too much Fun to Nothing New, Fortune Favors and Infinity Mirror may causing a questioning point on how youngsters seeing the special moments as their private imaginable privacy but as sexual activities aren’t that private anymore – that’s why the themes discovers how intrigue this society had grow and becomes. 

Hypocritical ...

Lighten Up EP: