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Blue Angel Dying (Not On Label 2016)


   New Wave and the 50’s to the 80’s general era sounds of fortunate dancing the streets in good spirits shall comes back again as thus five-piece of Pop-Synth or Dream-Pop or Alternative Goth-Pop darker themes from Cory Jacobs 9drums), Matthew Schufman (vocals, synth), Michael Wojtalewicz (guitars) and Amanda Zimmerman (vocals, bass) with the helping hands by some others may once again successfully, bring the past-events and glitter party and fun-house activity musical to the rest of these fine newer generations of the music type in Cellar Door recording by Graveyard Club (a good simplicity mocking over The Breakfast Club, maybe ?) who knows and nobody cares as long as the musical providing by thus bait of spooky-laden batch beats and the basement’s atmosphere where Dance and Rock once having an affair. Eleven teen-themed tracks and more problematic over the modern smart city obstacles and the broke-up on some corporations being replaced by the new ones and being rich isn’t really saver anymore.
   Listening to Cellar Door's songs like Forever, Summer 1928, Diamond City and Nightcrawler as well as The Lonely One. The mixed between thus harmony monotonous beats with female serving services on whispering or moans and thus live performance really make this record worth to be collectible by anyone whom liking New Wave like crazy.

Cellar Door: