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Biosfear Ravenous (Xtreem Music 2017)

   Used to be the caliphate’s place and torturing territory for Christians by the emirs of the moors people and nowadays, Granada – Andalusia spawning the evil force of new rebellion towards Death/Thrash Metal scene as one of the bands that should be paid to your attentions is Canker; with Miguel Hernandez (guitar, vocals), Antonio Leon Garrido (bass), Manuel Trespe (rhythm guitars) and Leo Gonzalez (vocals) haunting back present day-modern Catholicism rulers by established horror-background as Earthquake would be their latest albums carrying those political, anti-religious and death or despair themes onward.
   Ten tracks of destruction from the southern parts of the area to influencing the rest of the angry youth with demo-crazy and capitalism problems daily will be stunning to bursts out as erupting louder high within the fast killer drumming or chords of death riff-ages via Hand of God, Leyla Island, Bedout, The Ghost of Past, Obliteration or Black Star. 

   As the growlers and the angst of extremities reaching the final levels and the country facing a new kind of civil wars from within …