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Betty Green Man (DFA 2017)

   Just like the combinations between some parts of WAR recording playback or the raping of commercial Disco tunes by the rebellious Punk Rock from East of Eden or even better – Yeah Yeah Yeahs decided to marry Edward Said the socio-politic thinker; may delivered some kind of baby child like this group: Guerilla Toss. Boston’s preference of a direct contact with moshing pits and dancing booty that collapsing equally but hold the original independent roots to the suggestive thoughts sharing worldwide by either the voice or the players; Kassie Carlson, Sam Elizabeth, Arian Schafiee or Toby Aronson to Peter Negroponte. After the brilliant live recording that being praised by Henry Rollins, the band comes back again with GT Ultra – the greater recording that would amazed your hearing for couple times. In Punk, Acid Funk and even Hip-Hop/Rn’B comes the arousing feelings when follows Can I Get The Real Stuff, Crystal Run, TV Do Tell, The String Game to Dog In The Mirror.

As the figures moving like small impossible targets and the band decided to moved to NYC; tell yourself and welcome to the new millennium Psychedelic Rock preferred meanings.

GT Ultra: